Nisus' QNAP® Copper Naphthenate positioned to be successor to Pentachlorophenol
Jason Everitt of Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions was at the end of his rope with fly issues at a major account in St. Louis, Missouri that included multiple bars and restaurants in an open-air sports environment.
When Jeff Tomion of Platinum Pest Control first stepped foot onto his client's farm, it was so incredibly overrun with house flies, he was breathing them. He quickly understood what the issue was. Manure was only cleaned out once a week and there was not enough time between clean-outs for the closed-up, dark space to dry. It was a fly-harborage nightmare.
When David Sharps purchased a retired barge for the small fee of $500 in 1985, he knew he was purchasing a project. The Lehigh Valley Barge No. 79 is the last of her kind, built in 1914 to carry cargo from large vessels to shore for rail transport when the NY Harbor was the biggest seaport in the world.