Nisus' QNAP® Copper Naphthenate positioned to be successor to Pentachlorophenol

Knoxville, TN, November 22, 2019 – Utility companies nationwide are being alerted to an eventual interruption in pentachlorophenol supply after Cabot Microelectronics’ announcement that KMG-Bermuth will not be building a new pentachlorophenol plant upon closure of their plant in Mexico at the end of 2021.

Nisus Corporation, a global manufacturer of sustainable wood preservatives, manufactures QNAPâ copper naphthenate, which is positioned to fill the void and provide additional benefits including a superior environmental profile and longer service life for poles.

According to Ken Laughlin, Division Vice President of Wood Preservation at Nisus, “QNAP copper naphthenate utility poles have been used for many years by utilities in the western states like Washington, Oregon and California where environmental concern and sustainability are of paramount importance.” QNAP is also the fastest growing preservative in the railroad industry and is being used on ties and bridge ties by six of the seven Class I railroads in the US, as well as railroads in Canada, Europe and Asia.

QNAP copper naphthenate is not a persistent organic pollutant and contains no dioxins. QNAP is an 8% copper-oil-borne preservative solution that is manufactured according to AWPA Standards. It is also an EPA-Registered general use preservative. The chart below provides an environmental comparison of pentachlorophenol and copper naphthenate

Manufactured in the United States, QNAP copper naphthenate is created from recycled copper and made oil-soluble to improve performance. QNAP has better performance than other oil-borne preservatives and requires no special equipment. Additionally, the treated wood poles are not hazardous waste so they can be reused, used as fuel or disposed of in regular landfills at end of life. This reduces the overall cost to the utilities.

Nisus has the capacity to manufacture enough copper naphthenate to treat all utility poles in the U.S. that are currently treated with pentachlorophenol. The Nisus technical team can provide all the necessary environmental information and efficacy data for engineers. The ability to eliminate dioxins and persistent organic pollutants from a utility company’s pole program can benefit customers and future generations.

Nisus Corporation is the leading manufacturer of sustainable wood preservatives and sustainable pest control products to the railroad, utility and lumber industries from its headquarters in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Rockford, Tennessee. Nisus has experienced rapid growth since its beginning in 1990 and distributes more than 30 products to eight different industries across the United States and in seven international markets.

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