It's called Butt Rot, Stump Rot, Fomes, or H. annosum Root Rot. No matter what you call it, when your forest gets infested, it becomes a major problem.

There are two major problems with H. annosum. First, it attacks the butt log, drastically reducing the most valuable part of the tree, and then spreads from recently cut stumps to live trees via the root system. Secondly, it infests the seedlings and saplings, killing new growth.



Cellutreat is a Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (DOT) wood preservative that is available in a 98% water soluble powder and a 50% liquid concentrate.

CELLUTREAT kills and prevents Fommes. It is soluble borate powder that can be sprayed on using a simple backpack sprayer or applied during harvest with a stump spray bar.

The active ingredient in Cellutreat is boron. Boron is a natural mineral salt that is mined from the earth. Boron is an essential plant micronutrient. Cellutreat is specifically designed to kill H. annosum root rot and then, over time, be diluted to natural background levels in the soil and allow natural succession of non-pathogenic fungi.

One pound of Cellutreat makes 2 gallons of solution and covers 2,000 six-inch stumps or 500 twelve-inch stumps.

A Closer Look at How H. annosum Spreads:

Spores settle on the stumps of freshly cut trees and germinate.

As they grow, the rot reaches down into the roots and begins infecting adjoining trees and saplings.

Once an area is infected, stump removal becomes necessary to gain control, or the area must be planted with a non-conifer species.

Cellutreat can be sprayed on the stump directly or by using a through-the-bar application on the harvester.