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At a Glance

"New" BAC-AZAP: The best odor control product just got better.

The new eco-benign formula of BAC-AZAP is formulated to provide powerful odor elimination with a pleasant new scent. BAC-AZAP has a special blend of seven microbe strains that consume organic materials that cause odors. So for dumpsters, dead rodents, animal odors, urine, feces, vomit – even skunk – BAC-AZAP will get the job done. It’s also great for foaming into drains to keep commercial kitchens operating at peak performance.

It doesn’t just knock odors down. It eats them up.

Deodorizers try to mask odors by using a strong scent of their own. BAC-AZAP is different. It uses microbes and bacteria to attack the source of the smell, breaking down the organic matter and eliminating the odor for good.

BAC-AZAP eliminates odors including:

  • Feces
  • Sewage
  • Urine
  • Vomit
  • Smoke
  • Mold & mildew
  • Athletic smells
  • Stinky drains
  • Garbage
  • Pet odors
  • Dead animals
  • Food odors
  • Even skunk

Can be applied on a large or small scale. Commercial or residential.

BAC-AZAP represents a great opportunity for pest control professionals who want to expand their service line and provide more value to the customer. This is an add-on service to the regular quarterly visit and can create new calls that generate new revenue. It allows you to eliminate dead rodent odors and treat crawl spaces that reek from decaying matter. Pet smells can be eradicated and you can be the hero. Urine, feces and vomit smells can be eliminated from carpet upholstery and mattresses. Make it a regular part of commercial sanitization.

Use BAC-AZAP on farms to minimize odors in dairy barns, chicken coops and pig sties. BAC-AZAP is also great as a wash-down for stalls and floors and perfect to keep drains clear.

BAC-AZAP At A Glance:

Can be used as a spray, liquid or foam

  • Add-on sale to virtually all stops
  • Sell directly to customers
  • Stops odors in wall voids and crawl spaces
  • No other product like it
  • Best drain treatment product

A Closer Look

Add-on sale to virtually all stops

Convenient packaging as a single spray bottle or manageable one-gallon jug makes BAC-AZAP very attractive to homeowners. A brief description or demonstration will no doubt result in a sale while servicing your customer. Many PMPs will place a bottle on the counter at the beginning of the service call. Then proceed to spray BAC-AZAP into the bottom of waste baskets, down the drain, into cat litter and anywhere else odor can be found. Even old spots in carpet and upholstery can have their odor eliminated. Also makes a great accelerator for composting. And it even eliminates skunk odors.

Sell directly to customers

BAC-AZAP is not a pesticide and is not available in stores. It can be brought to every stop you make and creates an immediate revenue source for your business.

Stops odors in wall voids and crawlspaces

Sometimes you can smell something, but can’t see it. Sometimes it’s a small rodent in the walls and other times it’s an animal in the crawl space. Either way, BAC-AZAP offers you a simple and effective solution. Once the animal is removed, simply spray the effected area and eliminate the odor.

No other product like it

Other popular products may immediately encapsulate odors, but BAC-AZAP is the only available odor eliminator that also consumes decaying organic matter, removing the odor at the source. And it can only be purchased through the pest control company.

BAC-AZAP first uses an odor encapsulation technology similar to popular consumer odor eliminators, but instead of simply encapsulating the odor, BAC-AZAP’s powerful combination of bacteria and enzymes begin to consume the organic matter causing the odor. The bacteria will continue to double in population as long as conditions remain favorable and there is organic material left as a food source. The increase in bacteria, in turn, produces more enzymes to break down the organic material even further. This cyclical process continues until the food supply is entirely exhausted. Once the organic material is consumed, the bacteria die, leaving CO2 and water as harmless, odorless by-products.

Best drain treatment product

Garbage cans and drains are notorious for trapping organic matter like food and dirt and moisture. This build-up creates odors and is unsanitary. BAC-AZAP removes the organic matter in garbage cans and drains, and in doing so, eliminates the problem.

The Science Behind BAC-AZAP

BAC-AZAP uses non-pathogenic bacterium that work on an organic chemical level. These pseudomonad-friendly bacteria are ‘super organic eaters’. They are so efficient that they out-compete other bacteria that are trying to turn the organic materials into smelly compounds. The bacteria produce enzymes to biologically break down organic matter as well as attach to odor molecules in the air as a second layer of odor elimination.