Knoxville, TN, September 3, 2019 – Nisus Corporation, a leading manufacturer of sustainable pest control and wood preservatives products, announces the appointment of Jamel Sandidge, MA, PhD, BCE, as Innovation Platform Leader of the Nisus R&D team.  Dr. Sandidge has served the pest control industry on multiple levels, including Board Certified Entomologist, consultant, research entomologist and pest technician for the last 18 years.  He will have direct responsibility for driving growth of the professional pest control product lines, as well as be an integral part of innovation strategy.

“Our technology and innovation program is expanding rapidly,” says Jamey Gaston, VP Research and Technology, Nisus Corp. “We are investing in an Innovation Platform that will develop and maintain a new product pipeline, and Dr. Sandidge will lead that effort on the pest control side of the business. Dr. Sandidge has the mental acuity and pest industry experience to play a key role in the development of new customer-focused technology”

Sandidge is a seasoned industry professional with a passion for education.  His experience spans the practical understanding of owning a pest control business to developing his own core knowledge through extensive education, research & development, efficacy studies, and many others.

“My experience highlights entomology, consultation, public speaking and being a general advocate for the pest control industry,” says Dr. Sandidge, “and my key strengths are communication, versatility and commitment.  I look forward to utilizing my entire skill set with a company that demonstrates a positive culture, allows me to be an integral part of the industry, and is aligned with my aspirations.”

Nisus is a privately held company that manufactures sustainable products for the professional pest control industry, industrial wood protection industry, and the agricultural liquid micronutrient industry at its manufacturing plant in Rockford, TN.

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