Knoxville, TN, July 6, 2018– Nisus Corporation offers congratulations to Norfolk Southern on the completion of one of the most beautiful railroad bridges in the U.S., the Genesee Arch Bridge in Letchworth State Park, NY. With the help of Modjeski and Masters Engineering, Norfolk Southern was able to replace the previous bridge that was built in 1875 with one that accounted for not only safety and efficiency, but demonstrates an aesthetically pleasing approach with a stunning, iconic span that complements the magnificent views of the Genesee River Gorge.

Photo Courtesy of Modjeski & Masters, Inc.

A project like this can have long-term environmental impact and Kevin L. Kirkland, President / CEO Nisus Corporation, is proud of the strides Nisus has made supporting the sustainability of the railroad tie industry.  One of the main Genesee Arch Bridge components are railroad bridge ties that were dual treated using the latest Cellutreat Liquid DOT (borate) and QNAP (Copper Naphthenate) technology.  QNAP is an oil borne preservative. It is an EPA-registered, non-restricted use preservative made from recycled copper, making it sustainable from the start.  QNAP performs equally to other oil-borne preservatives, is clean to the touch, does not bleed and does not have to be disposed of as hazardous waste.  This allows for recycling or energy recovery after its primary use, which typically lasts 30-50 years for ties and 50-75 for utility poles.  Copper naphthenate is the leading oil borne preservative used to replace creosote in ties and pentachlorophenol in utility poles.

Photo Courtesy of Modjeski & Masters, Inc.

Photo Courtesy of Modjeski & Masters, Inc.

The railroads are very focused on sustainability and Nisus products support that effort.  Being part of such an important project that will last for many generations demonstrates the core mission of Nisus as producers of sustainable, clean wood protection methods that work with the natural environment instead of against it,” says Kevin L. Kirkland, President / CEO Nisus Corporation. 

Nisus Corporation provides sustainable wood preservatives to the railroad, utility and lumber industries from its headquarters in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Rockford, Tennessee.  Nisus has experienced rapid growth since its beginning in 1990 and distributes more than 30 products to eight different industries across the United States and in seven international markets.  With proactive planning and technical expertise, Nisus is poised to continue its leadership role in sustainable wood protection.

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