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The TrueTech® 2000PowerCart is a rugged professional grade product built specifically to be used every day. It is uniquely designed so that a single unit can easily be used as a sprayer, a foamer and a mister. Simply switch to the appropriate nozzle, change out the tips and you’re ready to go. The TrueTech2000 Power Cart features a 2-gallon tank along with its own compressor and portable utility cart.

TrueTech equipment can be used for:

  • Small Fly Drain Programs
  • Perimeter Foaming
  • Termite Foaming and Misting
  • Yard Application for Fleas and Ticks
  • Foaming Dumpsters
  • Commercial Kitchen Applications





TrueTech 2000 Power Cart

Pest and Termite Rolling Applicator

Dry Foam | Wet Foam | Liquid outputs

The TrueTech 2000 Power Cart compressed air sprayer has been designed to provide the pest control industry with maximum flexibility and effective application and treatment options for pest and termite control. TrueTech is the most flexible and highest quality equipment available on the market today.

The TrueTech 2000 Power Cart has its own compressor fitted on a rigged utility cart.

Technicians can choose from Dry Foam, Wet Foam, or Liquid applications. Note: Chemical mixture must contain ProFoam® Platinum foaming agent to complete this feature.

  • Dry Foam applications for all gallery and void areas where insects live; use for drain treatments
  • Wet Foam for below-grade our under-slab areas where ants, small flies and other insects live
  • Liquid interior and exterior applications


  • 2-gallon tank
  • 1/6 horsepower electric compressor*
  • Rugged utility cart
  • One palm gun complete with 60" connection hose
  • One 15' extension hose
  • Two liquid tips
  • One screen-check valve for liquid
  • Three foam tips
  • One extension wand, 24" - 44"
    *Pump handle if electricity is not available.
  • Foam treats the area (voids of all types) where dirt, bacteria and insects live.
  • Foam reduces water usage: foam expands water by 6 to 18 times.
  • Foam increases surface contact time for superior coverage and reduces liquid runoff.
  • Foam provides deeper penetration into surfaces by reducing surface tension.
  • Foam helps in removing grease and dirt.
  • ProFoam Platinum has been tested by all major chemical producers for compatibility.

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True Blue Bait Gun

The True Blue precision bait gun dispenses exactly the amount of bait needed and then retracts to eliminate drippage. The unit works with all standard 30 gram application tubes.