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Now there is a solution to protecting your structures from termites that can earn you points in green building programs such as LEED® for Homes, NGBS Green Poduct Certification ProgramTM, EarthCraft® and many others. Instead of poisoning the soil under a home, Bora-Care eliminates the wood as a food source while saving you one full day of cycle time.

Nisus now offers the Bora-Care 30-Year Limited Warranty to pest control companies who register treated homes and inspect them annually. This damage repair warranty, which is extended to the pest control companies, gives builders and homeowners peace of mind knowing their homes can be covered under the limited warranty for the length of a standard 30-year mortgage.



Bora-Care at a Glance

Simply the best at making termite pretreatment simple

Builders are switching to Bora-Care termite pretreatments at an unprecedented rate.

Cost-effective and easy to incorporate into your logistics, just a few gallons of Bora-Care will protect your entire structure from subterranean termites. During the dried-in phase of construction, your pest control company will apply it directly to the wood, concrete and foundation penetrations in one fast, easy, spray application - and you’re done. Termites can’t consume the wood and they can’t tube over it. Simply put, Bora-Care eliminates more than termites, it eliminates problems. It’s a fact that Bora-Care saves builders time and money with their highly efficient process that eliminates problems caused by pumping hundreds of gallons of chemicals into the soil.

Bora-Care At A Glance:

  • Saves builders one cycle day during construction
  • Fastest growing termite pretreatment in the U.S.
  • Eliminates weather delays
  • Eliminates need for additional treatment at final grade
  • Penetrates wood and remains for the life of the wood
  • Formulated with a concern for the environment
  • Not pumped into soil
  • 2006 Green Builder Award winner
  • Earn Points for LEED and other green building programs

Previously, when builders wanted to protect a house from termites, they would pump 300 gallons of chemicals into the soil below and around the foundation of an average house. These chemicals began showing up in lakes, rivers and aquifers. It is estimated that more than 234,000,000 gallons of pesticides are pumped into residential soil in the U.S. each year on new construction alone (imagine about 40,000 semi-tanker trucks), and most of those homes will need a retreatment in 5-10 years. By making Bora-Care your treatment of choice, you’re preventing the need for continuous retreatment, while to providing your customers with an outstanding, highly effective termite protection.

10 Reasons Why Every Builder Should Specify Bora-Care Termite Pretreatments

  1. Builders are saving a full day of cycle time by switching to Bora-Care pretreats. Bora-Care eliminates the need to coordinate schedules between concrete companies and pest management professionals (PMPs). Bora-Care is applied during the dried-in phase of construction.
  2. Bora-Care eliminates weather delays. Traditional soil treatments require application to dry ground after the footers are dug. Bora-Care is applied directly to the wood and concrete on walls, subfloors, sill plates, piers and expansion joints, as well as around pipe chases and plumbing. Weather is simply not a factor.
  3. Bora-Care eliminates the need for crews to leave the job site. In traditional soil pretreatments, workers are required by law to leave the site during application and stay away until the application is completed. With Bora-Care, your crew can keep right on working.
  4. HUD allows Bora-Care treatments. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) 99-A form allows direct wood treatment of Bora-Care as a primary termite treatment in new home construction.
  5. Efficacy tests show proven results. Research from a 12-year study by the USDA Forest Service and Mississippi State University’s Forest Products Laboratory showed wood treated with Bora-Care stopped termite attacks and prevented subterranean termites from tubing over treated wood. In addition, tests conducted at Louisiana State University have shown that Bora-Care applied to concrete surfaces will prevent Formosan termite tubing. Treated wood is also protected against carpenter ants, old house borers, powderpost beetles and decay fungi.
  6. Treatments near water are no longer a concern. With soil treatments, there is the concern of chemicals leaching into a nearby water source. When you pretreat the wood and concrete, that’s ALL you treat.
  7. Soil termiticides can cause some plumbing pipes to leak. Bora-Care has shown no compatability issues with any type of plumbing pipes, and will not corrode metal fasteners, fittings or nails. 
  8. Toxicity is a rising concern among homeowners. With traditional soil treatments, hundreds of gallons of pesticides are pumped into the ground under and around a home. Bora-Care is a low odor termiticide that is applied directly to the wood—answering the concerns of homeowners who are demanding less-toxic alternatives.
  9. International building code. Bora-Care is listed in the International Building Code and the International Residential Code. Bora-Care meets the sill plate end-cut requirements set by building codes and the American Wood-Preservers’ Association (AWPA M4).
  10. Excavation and landscaping do not affect the treatment. Leaky water lines, improper drainage and even the landscaping process can break a soil termiticide barrier, rendering soil pretreatments ineffective by the time the house is complete. With Bora-Care, you’re treating the wood, and once again, a problem is eliminated.

A Closer Look

What Does Bora-Care Do?

Bora-Care prevents and eliminates:

  • Drywood termites
  • Subterranean termites
  • Formosan termites
  • Carpenter ants
  • Powderpost beetles
  • Old house borers
  • PLUS: Bora-Care will kill and prevent algae and wood decay fungi

Every year, Bora-Care replaces 45 million gallons or more of toxic pesticide solution that would have been pumped in the ground. That’s a savings equal to 9,400 18-wheel tanker trucks of pesticide solution. And that’s an amount we can all live with.

How Does Bora-Care Work?

The active ingredient in Bora-Care is a borate salt. Borate salts work by taking advantage of a unique feature in the biology of termites, ants and other insects. If ingested by ants, beetles or termites, the insect becomes unable to extract nutrition from its food and starves to death. And because of this unique mode of action, insects cannot develop a resistance, ever. Bora-Care works differently than most other insecticides, termiticides and even other borate products on the market today. For starters, it isn’t applied to the soil but to the structure itself. Secondly, it isn’t just a repellent or a bait but a little bit of each. Bora-Care’s unique patented blend of glycols in combination with a borate salt provides results that are hard to beat. As soon as beetles and ants attempt to consume treated wood they die. Subterranean termites won’t even try to eat treated wood and if they attempt to build a tube on treated wood, the termites start to die. This alerts the termite colony and they abandon the wood. 

Works by treating the wood, not the soil.

Bora-Care is applied directly onto wood surfaces, concrete, plumbing penetrations, expansion joints and foundation penetrations. Bora-Care then penetrates the wood, protecting it throughout. Because Bora-Care’s active ingredient is a natural mineral salt, it doesn’t break down over time. Bora-Care remains in the wood for the life of the wood. By keeping the wood sealed or protected from moisture as in the wall voids of a structure, you eliminate the need for retreatment. Soil treatments are not only more difficult to apply, they lose their effectiveness over time—then a costly retreatment becomes necessary every five to 10 years. Unlike soil treatments, Bora-Care is not a threat to the environment or water supply. Bora-Care’s active ingredient is boron a natural element that is already present in the environment – not only in the ecosystems outside of your home—but also in many of the products you use inside. Bora-Care can even be used on ocean front, riverside or lakeside homes where soil termiticides may be prohibited.

What does the research say?

More than 2,000,000 effectively treated homes can’t be wrong. Twelve years of efficacy studies to determine Bora-Care’s ability to prevent termites and other wood-eating insects have shown that Bora-Care keeps wood from being a food source. Hundreds of additional studies have confirmed borates’ effectiveness as a preservative, including more than 40 studies confirming its wood-protecting power. Bora-Care prevents subterranean termites from tubing across treated wood and other treated structural materials. In addition, a study by Louisiana State University demonstrated that even Formosan termites can’t tube over concrete treated with Bora-Care.

Pretreatments can be done quickly; Infestations are handled with ease.

Pretreating a home with Bora-Care is fast and efficient. Bora-Care can be applied directly to the wood with a portable backpack sprayer or tank sprayer. The pest control company creates a continuous two-foot tall barrier onto all structural materials in contact with the foundation. There is no need for evacuation of your work crew or for special precautions.

Bora-Care is an EPA-registered “Primary Termite Pretreatment” product and is listed in the 2006 International Residential Code.

Bora-Care is Up to the Codes

In addition to EPA registration, Bora-Care wood treatments are HUD-allowed and listed for use under the 2006 International Residential Code, Section R320 Protection Against Subterranean Termites. Only Bora-Care’s EPA-registered label allows it to be used on wood as a stand-alone two-foot barrier termite pretreatment. Bora-Care also meets the sill plate end-cut requirements set by building codes and the American Wood-Preservers’ Association (AWPA M4).

A Closer Look at the Benefits of Bora-Care

Saves you one cycle day during construction

The next time you build a home, you’ll save an entire day off your cycle. That’s because with Bora-Care, there’s no need for anyone to leave the job site. With soil pretreatments, workers are required by law to put everything on hold and vacate the premises until the application is complete and dry, negatively affecting construction schedules. But with Bora-Care, there’s no need to coordinate with the pest control company or cement company. ).

Fastest growing termite pretreatment in the U.S.

The more builders experience the effectiveness of Bora-Care, the more they make it their termite pretreatment product of choice. Join the hundreds of builders who’ve said goodbye to the hazards and problems of soil treatments, and turned to the cost effective, easy to use Bora-Care. ).

Eliminates weather delay

While soil treatments must be applied to dry ground after footers are dug, Bora-Care does not. Instead, it’s applied indoors, during the dried-in phase of construction. This keeps weather from ever being a factor. ).

Eliminates need for an additional treatment at final grade

Unlike soil treatments, Bora-Care only needs to be applied once. There is no need to return to the job site after the soil is set at final grade.).

Penetrates wood and remains for the life of the wood

A patented mixture of borates, glycol and other ingredients cause Bora-Care to penetrate the wood far deeper than any other borate product available, delivering residual protection. The wood is protected longer, homeowners are happier and builders are growing their businesses faster.).

Formulated with a concern for the environment

As the pest management industry becomes more environmentally conscious, Bora-Care continues to be the prime choice for those looking to protect our surroundings. Unlike soil treatments, Bora-Care is not a threat to the plant life or water supply of a home. With its mineral salt, borate-based formula, Bora-Care is made with natural elements that are already present in the ecosystems outside our homes. You’ll also find it in many of the products we use inside. ).

Not pumped into soil

When you pre-treat wood and concrete with Bora-Care, that’s all you treat. With soil treatments, one of the main concerns is that hundreds of gallons of pesticides are pumped directly into the ground, where they could spread. Bora-Care can even be used on lakeside homes where soil termiticides may be prohibited.).

12/25-year warranty available for your pest control company (varies from builder to builder)

If your pest control company chooses, it can register your homes for one of the five levels of our 12/25-Year BoraShield™ warranty (this warranty is extended only to the PMP). Our new BoraShield warranty protects you, your customers and your pest control company. This unprecedented warranty is the best in the pest control industry. And it’s the only one to offer a 12-year damage repair warranty. (One level even offers a 25-year product replacement warranty for mold protection).

FHA Requires Termite Pretreatments in Red and Blue States