iSTRIKE is an insecticidal foam that can be used to treat a wide range of pests. Particularly useful when treating wood destroying organisms like termites, wood boring beetles and carpenter bees where it can be injected directly into the galleries.


New iSTRIKE Insecticide Foam is your go-to product for wood destroying organisms (WDOs).

Use iSTRIKE when you see wood boring beetles, carpenter bees, subterranean or drywood termites, or listed ants. iSTRIKE kills on contact as the foam expands to fill the galleries, voids and holes and leaves a residual to continue protection.

The easy-to-use can comes with an applicator hose and two tips: one for narrow cracks and crevices or small holes, and a wide tip for larger holes and wider area application.

A Closer Look

This product is for application to insect galleries in damaged wood, in spaces between wooden structural members or in voids within the construction.

Apply iSTRIKE to use sites when listed pests are seen or found.

The locations that are intended for treatment may include, but are not limited to:

  • Exposed wooden elements in crawlspaces, basements or attics
  • Unexposed wooden elements inside walls or other structural voids
  • Exterior wooden elements in decks, fencing or siding, channels in damaged wood, in spaces between wooden elements of a structure, and junctions between wood and foundations.

This product is also for use in residential structures subject to termite or wood-infesting insect attack.

Subterranean Termites: Use iSTRIKE a localized treatment to control infestations in above-ground areas of the structure. Apply foam into the galleries or voids in termite-damaged wood, or in the spaces between termite damaged wooden structural members and between the sill plate and foundation where wood is vulnerable.

Drywood Termites, Wood Infesting Beetles or Borers: Use iSTRIKE to control drywood termites, wood-infesting beetles or borers (including powder post beetles, anobiid or deathwatch beetles, false powder post beetles, old house borers, wharf borers, or ambrosia or bark beetles). Apply iSTRIKE into voids or channels in damaged wood of a structure, or to cracks, crevices, and spaces in and between wooden portions of a structure or between wood and the foundation, and in locations vulnerable to attack such as crawl spaces.

Carpenter Bees: Use iSTRIKE as a localized treatment and apply foam directly into gallery entrance holes. Following treatment, the entrance holes may be plugged with a suitable material.

Ant Infestations (except for carpenter, pharaoh, fire and harvester): Use iSTRIKE as a localized treatment to control or suppress ants in houses and other structures. Apply a sufficient quantity of foam by crack and crevice application. Apply enough foam to sufficiently cover the area, but do not allow excessive dripping or run-off to occur. When ant nests are located in decks, treat the interior cavity containing the nest site by injecting a sufficient quantity to cover the area. Inject iSTRIKE into voids where ants or their nests are present, or other places where they enter the structure or where they may have been seen or found. When ant nest sites are located in tree hollows or nonstructural wooden constructions (e.g., posts, fences, decks), treat the interior cavity containing the nest site by injecting a sufficient quantity of foam to cover the area.

The Science Behind iSTRIKE

The active ingredient in iSTRIKE is imidacloprid, a systemic insecticide that targets the pest’s central nervous system, whereby feeding behavior is stopped immediately.  Furthermore, the nervous system becomes damaged leading to quick paralysis and death.