Cellutreat is a Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (DOT) wood preservative that is available in a 98% water soluble powder and a 50% liquid concentrate. Cellutreat is made from a natural mineral salt and is an EPA-registered, non-restricted use/general use preservative also standardized by the AWPA (P25). It can be applied to green wood prior to air seasoning by vacuum pressure, dip diffusion or spray.

Cellutreat provides these benefits to the railroad industry:

  • Use as part of a dual treatment
  • Eliminates decay/stack burn during air seasoning
  • Improves treatment and performance of QNAP or creosote ties
  • Allows for QNAP or creosote retention reduction
  • Eliminates corrosion-induced spike kill
  • Helps prevent termite infestation (including Formosan) and termite movement in ties when shipped
  • Borates are exempt from treated wood burn requirements