Cellutreat is a borate DOT wood preservative that is available in a 98% water soluble powder and a 50% liquid concentrate. Cellutreat is made from a natural mineral salt and is an EPA-registered non-restricted use/ general use preservative. Cellutreat is a standardized AWPA preservative, but is not a stand-alone treatment in utility poles; however, utility poles can be “pretreated” with Cellutreat and then pressure-treated normally with QNAP, CCA, Penta, ACZA or creosote. Cellutreat prevents incipient decay during air seasoning and protects the heartwood in service. It reduces corrosion and after glow in CCA, Penta and ACZA. It can be applied to green wood, which allows for air seasoning without rot, and gives you an alternative to kiln drying. Cellutreat can be applied by vacuum pressure, dip diffusion or spray.



Cellutreat provides these benefits to the railroad industry:

  • AWPA Standardized Preservative (P25)
  • Exceptional as a Pretreatment Followed by Normal Pressure Treatment with QNAP, Penta, CCA, ACZA or Creosote
  • Excellent as a Pretreatment, Which:
    • Allows Air Seasoning Without Incipient Decay
    • Protects Heartwood
    • Reduces Premature Failure
    • Improves Final Treatment
  • Non-Corrosive to Utility Line Hardware
  • Treaters Can Use Existing Pressure Equipment, Dip Treat or Spray
  • Lower Human Toxicity
  • Helps Prevent Termite Infestations Including:
    • Formosan Termites and Other Subterranean Termites
    • Drywood Termites