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SpaProof® – The Easiest Way to Maintain a Spa

Are you tired of constantly having to adjust your spa or hot tub water?

Raise the pH, lower the pH, adjust the calcium, add seems the adjustments are endless! And even then, your hot tub water doesn’t always look really clean and clear.

SpaProof has the unique ability to absorb both acid and base. So if the spa or hot tub water pH rises or falls, SpaProof can absorb those changes. This pH stabilization allows your hot tub sanitizers to function better and last longer. Add SpaProof just once each time you change your spa water.

Customers report savings of up to 30% on hot tub chemical costs. For many spa and hot tub owners, SpaProof essentially pays for itself.

In addition to enhancing your hot tub's sanitizer performance, SpaProof's active ingredient, borate (a natural mineral salt), actually increases the refractory index of water, making it sparkle more than regular water. The hot tub stays cleaner, the water clearer. But don’t just take our word for it – read more of our customers' success stories with PoolProof and SpaProof.

If you’re tired of cloudy– or even green – water in your hot tub or spa, SpaProof can give you crystal-clear water and help reduce your use of chemicals. Join the thousands of customers who have found SpaProof to be the answer to their struggles.


At a Glance

What is SpaProof?

SpaProof is a revolutionary new product that is added just once to your spa at each new water change. SpaProof harmonizes the water and creates a stable pH. This helps extend the life of your chemicals. And because SpaProof contains mineral salts, it makes your skin feel smooth and makes your water sparkle.

What SpaProof Does:

  • Utilizes boron, a natural mineral
  • Balances the pH – can absorb both acid or base
  • Makes the spa water more stable

SpaProof provides the following benefits:

  • Moisturizes the skin, making it feel smooth
  • Reduces the chlorine smell
  • Helps prevent red eyes, relieves eye irritation
  • Helps prevent dry skin
  • Extends chemical/sanitizer life
  • Makes water sparkle