PoolProof and SpaProof Customer Testimonials

What Customers Are Saying About PoolProof and SpaProof:

Bo & Minette T:

I have always had problems with my pool – it went "green" about once a month during the pool season. Then at the end of the summer, I had the pool covered and ran the pool pump all winter. My auto chlorinator broke, so there was no chlorine in the pool for quite a while. The first pictures below are what the pool looked like when we took the cover off.

After we removed the cover, we had the pool shocked to remove the algae (see pictures). But I didn't want the monthly "green" problem to continue. I had heard about PoolProof, so I decided to try it and see what happened. PoolProof clarified the water even more, as you can see from the last set of pictures, which were taken about a week after adding PoolProof.

PoolProof has made our pool much easier to maintain! We haven't had any of the problems with the pool turning green as we had before, and our chemical costs have been significantly reduced.

Pool after cover removal

Pool after chlorine shock treatment

Pool after PoolProof application


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Cathleen W:

I have been using it for 3 years and it is wonderful. I always top it up at the beginning of each year when I de-winterize – it makes my pool so easy to care for and it looks all sparkly for the grandkids.

Kurt G:

I think the best way to describe my experience with PoolProof is to compare my weekly maintenance of the pool before and after the addition of the product. As a point of reference, my pool is 11,000 gallons and under a screen enclosure. I added four gallons of PoolProof during the first week in May of this year. Before the addition of PoolProof, this was my weekly maintenance:

Brush the pool once a week.
Add two 3" stabilizing chlorine tablets.
Add 1/3 of a gallon of acid.
Add 1 ¼ gallons of liquid chlorine.
Run the pool pump for nine hours per day.

Doing these things on a weekly basis kept my pool pretty good. I always had a trace of yellow algae that was ready to bloom if I did not keep up with the weekly maintenance. I felt like I did a good job maintaining the pool overall.

Since the addition of the PoolProof, I have seen a dramatic difference in not only the maintenance, but the clarity and appearance of the water as well. Below is my weekly maintenance schedule since the addition of the PoolProof:

Add one 3" stabilizing chlorine tablet.
Run the pool pump for four hour per day.

That is literally all it has taken to maintain the pool over the last four months. The water appears to be more blue and is clearer than it has ever been. Algae has not made an appearance since adding PoolProof. Even more impressive is the fact that I have seen this over the summer months. This is the rainy season in Florida that means a lot of excess water in the pool that normally leads to some blooms of algae. It is also the time of year when my kids are in the pool almost every day.

Needless to say any further, but I have been very impressed with PoolProof. The pool looks better, and is costing me a lot less to maintain. I have already had a couple of friends try the product based on my recommendation, and they are experiencing similar results. Great product!

Marty O:

I can't comment on the pump use because I run it during the day and turn it off at night, so I have no way of breaking out power cost of the pump. The biggest difference I am seeing is the frequency of cleaning the filter, which I used to do more than twice as much as I do now. The filter dirt and debris buildup is much less, which gives me more pumping pressure than I have ever had before with less frequent filter cleanup.

I'm also using about a third less chemicals than before. Best of all, the water looks very sparkly and clear as advertised. I'm also using your product in my jacuzzi/hot tub and getting the same results.

It's a great product. I'm telling all my pool friends about it. Thanks again.

Brad F:

The Ocean Glen pool looks beautiful. PoolProof was talked about at the homeowner meeting on Saturday afternoon and how nice the pool water looks. When I arrived at Ocean Glen on Friday night around 10:30 p.m. I could see the water from the jets in the deep end of the pool circulating the filtered pool water and its bubbles in the swimming pool's underwater light.

The ph is 7.8, which is how the property manager likes it, and has been constant for the whole 15 days since we added the PoolProof. My test kit on Saturday morning confirmed the ph reading of 7.8. The PPM of Boron is between 50 and 80 according to my test kit.

The property manager has told the other property managers, health department and owner about PoolProof.

Missy M:

I checked my levels this weekend and the PH was still spot on. Normally we add algaecide every week; however we ran out and didn’t add it last weekend. The chlorine ran out on Thursday and when I checked it on Saturday it was just below the 7.2 mark so that isn’t too bad considering it went without chlorine for 2 days and it has been over 100 degrees here. Not sure of other results you guys have, but for my pool it is doing pretty good. I have nothing but problems with our pool. Once we got the chlorine back in the feeder and added algaecide it went right back to a good blue color. In the past it would have taken days of working on the pool to get it looking good again. Again, thanks for introducing me to PoolProof.

William E:

Our pool is a nine-year-old salt treatment, sand filter, 22-thousand gallon gunite pool.  We started using your product  PoolProof  this year.  We are very pleased with this product due to the ability to keep the pool in balance chemically much easier since we added your product.  I was the operator of our local water treatment facility in the 70s, so I am familiar with the testing and treatment of potable water.

I am now retired and live the life of a "Pool Bum" and spend many hours enjoying the beauty of clear, cool and safe water.  This has been the best year regarding maintenance since we have had the pool.  The only problem that we have with your product is that the clarity of the pool is so much better, it shows the imperfections of the pool plaster and minor stains. I have a feeling that if we had the PoolProof  before the stains appeared, they may not be there now.

Scott N:

PoolProof is an absolutely great product.  I treated a 30,000 gallon pool with PoolProof – it made the water very clear and it really sparkles. Three weeks after we treated it though, we noted a little green algal growth on the bottom.  We called our pool company only to find that our guy had been absent for nearly a month with a medical problem.  We were amazed that PoolProof had kept the pool looking so good for so long in Florida, with all the rains, and the pool did not even have any chlorine in it.
On top of that, my daughters never would swim in the pool without goggles, always complained about the water and their eyes.  Well, they are not using goggles anymore, now that we have PoolProof.

Kevin E:

I installed PoolProof about four weeks ago. I asked my pool guy to keep an eye on the pool because I had installed a new product. He stated, “That explains it, your chlorine level was elevated this week to last.” The pool looked great the day after installation; there was a noticeable difference in the pool's appearance.

Forward four weeks and the pool guy phoned yesterday and said I didn’t have any chlorine in the pool. In spite of that, the pool still looks crystal clear! So the product appears to have helped or enhanced the chlorine, and in the chlorine's absence kept the pool clear. Thus, so far the experience has been positive.

Gary & Debbie S:

We put it in our saltwater pool and the pool looks great. Our saline pool is roughly 23,000 gallons of water-filled fun. Just recently we introduced the PoolProof product and straightaway noticed that our pool was "sparklier" and definitely clearer. The water quality seems to be better and there are absolutely no complaints from the kids of eyes stinging after swimming underwater.

Curt R:

We have put 9 gallons into an apartment pool here. My client told me he likes the product and informs that he is using less chlorine and pump time. It does seem to make the pool sparkle.

Debbie H:

It cost me $250 to add 5 gallons of PoolProof to my pool, and I've saved over $527 in chemicals & electricity this year. My water just sparkles, and it has never been easier to maintain.


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