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SpaProof® will make your spa maintenance much faster, easier and save money.

SpaProof is a perfect add-on for your pest control business. To start, simply target those customers on your routes who have spas. Talk with them personally and explain how this service can save them money and give them a spa that is easier to maintain.

When SpaProof is added to a spa, the product remains in the spa. It will not flash off like chlorine, it won’t evaporate, and it doesn’t break down over time. If water splashes out or if the spa is backwashed and fresh water is added, the spa may require an addition of SpaProof. Once a year, you should visit your spa customers to check the spa’s borate level.

SpaProof is a better borate pool product than others on the market because it’s a liquid, so it dissolves fast in water. Other borate products are granular, and either float on the surface or form lumps in the spa – or both! SpaProof is also already pH adjusted so there is no need to add large amounts of acid. Other products require the addition of acid to bring the spa into balance, which is labor intensive and delays the use of the spa.

At a Glance

What is SpaProof?

SpaProof is a revolutionary new product that is added just once to your spa at each new water change. SpaProof harmonizes the water and creates a stable pH. This helps extend the life of your chemicals. And because SpaProof contains mineral salts, it makes your skin feel smooth and makes your water sparkle.

What SpaProof Does:

  • Utilizes boron, a natural mineral
  • Balances the pH – can absorb both acid or base
  • Makes the spa water more stable

SpaProof provides the following benefits:

  • Moisturizes the skin, making it feel smooth
  • Reduces the chlorine smell
  • Helps prevent red eyes, relieves eye irritation
  • Helps prevent dry skin
  • Extends chemical/sanitizer life
  • Makes water sparkle