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Any pesticide, any place…ProFoam Platinum delivers.

Foaming is becoming a powerful tool for pest management companies that want to expand service lines, provide greater benefit to clients, and increase revenue.  ProFoam Platinum is not a pesticide, but it is compatible with any approved pesticide on the market.  And it is not on California’s Prop. 65 list.

At a Glance

Pro Foam

  • Non-repellent
  • Less corrosive
  • pH adjusted
  • Not on CA Prop. 65 list
  • Compatible with all approved pesticides
  • Sticks longer for better delivery
  • Non-ionic

From delivering termiticides into galleries, to foaming drains in commercial establishments, to reaching behind walls and into trash bins, ProFoam Platinum minimizes the amount of pesticide you need to get the job done, while maximizing pesticide delivery and effectiveness.  It saves you time and money.

ProFoam Platinum sticks longer than other foaming agents, allowing pesticides to better adhere to the treated surface. 

It delivers like nothing else.  

Used in conjunction with foaming machines, ProFoam creates a non-repellant foam that dissipates and leaves your pesticide behind for superior protection against pests.  It’s safe to use in food establishments, unlike many industrial-grade foaming agents.

ProFoam Platinum is available in both quart and gallon sizes.

A Closer Look


Unlike some foaming agents which build up so thick that they keep pests from getting to the pesticide, ProFoam Platinum is engineered to expand quickly, apply itself to all surfaces, then dissipate to leave the pesticide behind to eliminate pests. It is non-repellent so it leaves no traces of chemicals behind that would repel pests away from the pesticide being used. When used with a non-repellent pesticide, it allows that pesticide to work as intended without repelling insects.

Less corrosive

Non-ionic in nature, ProFoam Platinum does not attach ions to metal surfaces used in construction of a home – such as nails or brackets – which would cause oxidation or rust and corrosion. This gives your customer peace of mind when you apply it in hidden areas that may have been built with metal parts.

Not on CA Prop. 65 list

California’s Proposition 65 requires that all pesticides (or agents mixed with pesticides) that are carcinogenic or reproductive toxicants be included on this list. When using these products in California, pest control companies are required by law to notify the homeowner. Because ProFoam Platinum has been proven effective and meets California’s stringent requirements, it is exempt from Prop 65.

The Science Behind ProFoam Platinum

ProFoam Platinum is a non-ionic and non-repellent foaming agent that can work with any pesticide and will not cause oxidation or rust in metals, and will not repel insects.

How it Works:

Through the use of a foaming machine, the foaming agent, ProFoam Platinum, combines with the pesticide to create a foam solution. When sprayed under high pressure into wall voids or other hard to reach places, it transports the pesticide with it, filling the space and attaching it to the surface area. As the foaming agent dissipates, it leaves behind an effective residue of the pesticide.

ProFoam Platinum delivers:

  • Behind existing walls
  • Ceilings and any horizontal space
  • Attics
  • Drains
  • Floors and crawl spaces