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At A Glance


What is EcoClear?

EcoClear is a pipe drain and septic cleaner that uses a specific non-toxic microbe for the breakdown of materials in sewer and septic systems. It is used in both sewer and septic systems to keep the entire plumbing system running smoothly.


EcoClear at a Glance:

  • Reduces pipe contamination
  • Protects pipes, septic tanks and drain fields from organic and solids overload
  • Reduces odors & back-ups
  • Treats the entire system
  • Proactive vs. Reactive
  • Safe and effective — “Beyond Green”
  • Add-on sale to virtually every stop
  • Sell directly to customers
  • Use in both sewer and septic systems
  • Can be used in drains, sinks, garbage disposals

A Closer Look

Easy add-on service

EcoClear's granular material is packaged in easy-to-use flushable bags that dissolve in the pipes, helping to prevent clogs between the home and the sewer or septic tank. Regular addition of EcoClear to plumbing pipes, septic systems and drain fields reduces hardened scum, reduces solids and helps maintain plumbing systems.

You can easily add EcoClear to your quarterly service visits. Because a 2-ounce EcoClear packet is simply placed in each toilet and flushed, it's just a matter of going through the house and applying the product to every commode.

Note that EcoClear is a preventative product and will not open fully closed or already clogged drains.

Sell directly to customers

EcoClear can be sold directly to the homeowner because it is not a pesticide and it is not available in stores. In this case, you don't even need to enter the home; you can leave EcoClear in the convenient door hanger pouch with usage instructions for every customer at every stop.

Areas in a house where pipes tend to clog.

Areas in plumbing and septic systems where clogs tend to occur.

Areas in plumbing before the sewer system where clogs tend to occur.

The Science Behind EcoClear

EcoClear is a "green" product that uses a specific non-toxic microbe for the breakdown of materials in sewer and septic systems. It reduces organics and solids in septic tank effluent, decreasing surface scum by an average of 77% and bottom solids up to 40%. EcoClear can also be used in sinks, drains and garbage disposals.

EcoClear's special blend of highly active, non-pathogenic microbes work at very low oxygen concentrations. It is non-corrosive and non-hazardous and safe for all plumbing, whether commercial or residential.

EcoClear's natural microbes are scientifically proven to break down household waste and produce the following enzymes when activated:

  • Lipase (oils and greases)
  • Protease (foods such as meat)
  • Amylase (starches)
  • Cellulase (paper, vegetables)