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5 times more effective than bleach alone. 
Spray it on. Wipe it off. Make wood stain-free.

Mold-Clean can be applied by your pest control company or purchased directly from them for you to apply. Use industrial-strength Mold-Clean to eliminate stains and discoloration caused by mold and mildew on your structures.

Mold stains can occur anywhere wood is exposed to an environment where the moisture content is too high. Heavy rains and standing water breed mold spores which attach themselves to both the interior and exterior of walls and ceilings, causing discoloration, odor and decay. If you build in a high-moisture climate or in a place that gets a lot of rain, Mold-Clean is for you. Remember, Mold-Clean will not prevent or kill mold spores—it only cleans the stain. To kill and prevent mold, ask your pest company to apply Bora-Care® with Mold-Care®.

The average family produces up to 12 gallons of moisture in a home per day through cooking, bathing, even breathing. This means that every home is potentially a mold-friendly environment.

Because of its strength, Mold-Clean can remove stains with little or no scrubbing.

Mold-Clean at a Glance

  • Can be sold directly to builders
  • Easy to apply
  • Professional grade stain remover
  • Eliminates mold and mildew stains
  • Cleans and brightens weathered wood
  • Ready-to-use
  • Pleasantly scented
  • Contains special wetting agents and detergents
  • Penetrates deep into wood pores for thorough stain removal
  • Minimizes or eliminates scrubbing
  • Perfect for decks and fences

Apply to: Wood, brick, concrete and other porous and non-porous materials

Remember, the enemy is moisture. Permanently solving your mold problem will require fixing and maintaining water and moisture sources in your home.

A Closer Look

Easy for your Pest Control Company to apply

Mold-Clean can be applied by your pest control company. It is applied directly to an affected area of a wall or any other surface to thoroughly remove mildew discoloration and stains.

Professional grade stain remover

It’s the most powerful mold discoloration remover and surface conditioner available. In fact, Mold Clean is five times more effective than bleach alone. It’s the only product you need to truly clean a mold stained area without the intense smell of bleach.