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Mold-Clean presents a totally new revenue stream for your company.
5 times more effective than bleach alone. Spray it on. And clean up.

Many builders face mold problems in their structures. As lumber sits outside exposed to the moisture, mold begins to grow. The builders know from experience that once the house is dried-in, the mold will disappear. However, homeowners get very upset when they see mold growing on the lumber of their new home.

Mold-Clean is the solution to remove those unsightly stains. Your technicians can keep the lumber in an entire subdivision clean with minimal effort. Mold-Clean is not a pesticide, so it can also be sold to builders for their application.

Mold-Clean at a Glance

  • Can be sold directly to builders
  • Easy to apply
  • Professional grade stain remover
  • Eliminates mold and mildew stains
  • Cleans and brightens weathered wood
  • Ready-to-use
  • Pleasantly scented
  • Contains special wetting agents and detergents
  • Penetrates deep into wood pores for thorough stain removal
  • Minimizes or eliminates scrubbing
  • Perfect for decks and fences

Remember, Mold-Clean is a stain remover only and will not kill mold spores. Should both jobs be required, use Mold-Clean to remove the stain and then apply Bora-Care with Mold-Care to kill and prevent mold.

A fact you should know: Neither cleaning or eliminating mold will stop it from reoccurring if conditions remain conducive for growth. The enemy is moisture. Permanently solving mold problems will require fixing and maintaining moisture levels in the home. Available in a 1-gallon jug and 5-gallon containers.

A Closer Look

Can be sold directly to builders

If you work with builders, Mold-Clean offers you a chance for additional revenue. Apply the product for the builder, or teach builders how to apply it and sell them Mold-Clean packaged in 1 gallon bottles. Mold-Clean creates an easy and continuous sale.

Easy to apply

Mold-Clean can be applied directly to an affected area of a wall or any other surface with a sprayer, sponge or damp cloth to thoroughly remove mildew discoloration and stains. Follow all label directions.

Professional grade stain remover

It’s the most powerful mold discoloration remover and surface conditioner available. In fact, Mold Clean is five times more effective than bleach alone. It’s the only product you need to truly clean a mold stained area without the intense smell of bleach.

The Science Behind Mold-Clean

Mold-Clean is a cost-effective unique technology that combines a strong oxidizing agent for color stain removal with a high pH tolerant surfactant to help wet surfaces and penetrate wood as an anti-corrosive stabilizer.

In the past, people have tried to use bleach, but its EPA label does not allow this use, it is not good at wetting surfaces and it leaves behind sodium hydroxide, which is very corrosive to metal fixtures and fittings and can damage wood. EPA also does not recommend bleach, but suggests a surfactant or detergent for cleaning mold.

Mold-Clean is the answer and combines all the appropriate properties.