Bora-Care 30-Year Limited Warranty

The Bora-Care 30-Year Limited Warranty is an industry first and a breakthrough in termite protection for your customers homes.

This damage repair limited warranty is simple and straightforward. When you perform a new construction termite treatment according to the Bora-Care label instructions, the home can be registered online in our Bora-Care 30-Year Limited Warranty program. Annual inspections are also registered online. The Bora-Care 30-Year Warranty Program will pay up to $2,500.00 for damage repair in accordance with the Warranty Agreement if termites cause damage to the structure. No other warranty in the industry even comes close!

New Construction Treatments covered under the Bora-Care 30-Year Limited Warranty include:

  1. Subterranean termite treatment utilizing the 2 foot band treatment with a 1:1 Bora-Care according to label instructions. Treated wood is also protected from Decay Fungi.
  2. Formosan & Drywood termite treatment utilizing the 2 foot band treatment with a 1:1 Bora-Care and treat the rest of the structural wood with Bora-Care 5:1 according to label instructions.

The Process is Simple and Can Easily Be Done Online

  1. Complete the Bora-Care Warranty Agreement for your company, You will then receive a log-in.
  2. Log-in and register your technicians.
  3. Technicians will receive a log-in.
  4. Technicians should read the Bora-Care label and New Construction Technical Bulletin and then watch the online training video.
  5. Technicians can then log-in and take the certification test.
  6. You may begin registering homes.
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